Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas advent calendar finished

I finished this a while ago. I am really happy with it. Its not perfect I am not a quilter. I think it looks good and it will last us lots of year's. There is no hand sewing at all on this I used the sewing machine for all of it.
 I just stitched in the ditch to sew the binding down to the back of it. I used a gold silky by Gutermann on all the quilted detail and also to stitch in the ditch that way all you see if you notice the thread is a little sparkle. I used to do cross stitch and I had the red, green and gold sparkly embroidery thread. I hand sewed this I just kept looping it past the centre then when I was finished I cut all the loops so it looked like a pompom. I used these colours as the picture used identical colours underneath I just gave it a 3D effect. I may add other little thing here and there if I feel inspired. I have thought of a bell for the little raindear and beads on the christmas trees. 

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