Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bannana and Blueberry Muffins

I made these muffins out of the Woman's Day cook book The ABC of kids cooking.
Its not an allergy free recipe but it was easy to adjust it. I didn't follow the directions of sifting the flour and folding in. I put the bananas and all the other wet ingredients in the food processor until smooth then mixed in the flour and other ingredients adding the blueberry's last and just using the spoon to gently mix them in so they wouldn't squish, I used self-raising flour not plain like the recipe said. I used nuttelex instead of butter and 2 no eggs to replace the 2 eggs. Easy and the mixing up of the bananas with nuttelex and no egg has given me an idea I will test it out and share.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simplicity 2364

This was quick and fairly easy. I combined VIEW D, E and F because I wanted the sleeve plus I like to ware a bra so I wanted the strap. My husband didn't tell me I was showing my bra strap rather than covering it up when he took the photo. The only alteration I made was the strap was way to loose for me and I had to unpick it at the back and make it tighter then it was fine. I found the gathering part a bit tricky as when I sewed it up I used the stretch stitch and it just stretched right out so I pulled the gathering up and used a straight stitch so then it held. But its not as neat having to fix it up as it would have been if I had straight stitched it in the first place. This will be a great top when its warmer.

Star Tracksuit

I used an old knit-n-stretch pattern for this track suit. My daughter is 5 but I made the size 8 top. The pants pattern was for baggy tracky dacks and I don't like them like that. So I measured her waist and the pattern and made them slightly smaller than the size 12mth and slimmed the leg past the knee then made them flair slightly at the bottom. I made the pocket on the front of the top myself and added the Sparkly star ribbon to the top of the shoulders, the pocket and the sides of the pants.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kwick Sew 3694

Bad photo I know but the ones my 5YO took weren't any better. Supper easy to sew even with the slippery fabric. Bohemian evening knit from spotlight. This is a size small but as you can see the sleeves are not 3/4 length on me and its not as fitted as I would like. Hard to tell in the photo as the fabric drapes really nice so its okay. I will make the next one in a xSmall and maybe adjust the sleeves as they are too baggy when they get to my wrist but if I push them up they fit my arm like a 3/4 sleeve would. I will make more of these there is a sleeveless version too.