Friday, June 18, 2010

Kwick Sew 3694

Bad photo I know but the ones my 5YO took weren't any better. Supper easy to sew even with the slippery fabric. Bohemian evening knit from spotlight. This is a size small but as you can see the sleeves are not 3/4 length on me and its not as fitted as I would like. Hard to tell in the photo as the fabric drapes really nice so its okay. I will make the next one in a xSmall and maybe adjust the sleeves as they are too baggy when they get to my wrist but if I push them up they fit my arm like a 3/4 sleeve would. I will make more of these there is a sleeveless version too.


  1. Thanks for your great pattern review! I am about to start making this one too - I am using a very striking black, white and hot pink floral print. Hopefully I get a good result. I saw your review on Pattern Review, so thanks for that! Love your blog and your cooking looks great..

  2. Hi Trix,
    Your fabric sounds great I hope you review your top on Pattern Review so I can see it. Thanks for you lovely comments.