Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Angelina Ballerina

This is my Angelina Ballerina costume I made for my Daughter. I shirred the top using the elastic in the bobbin I doubled her waist measurement but probably needed to triple it as I had to make more shirred fabric as double her waist left me short about 6". For the straps I just made a tube 2" wide and pinned them to the top while she had it on then sewed them in place. The fabric is some old parachute material mum gave me from back when parachute tracksuits were in fashion. The skirt is two layers of soft netting with glitter. Full circles skirt gathered separately and sewn to the top separately. The third layer underneath is an organza also a full circle just a tad longer and a rolled hem on the overlocker. I used a tutorial from YouTube to make the satin ribbon rose and hand sewed it on last. Made the white top, leggings and tail. Pink ribbon for the legs is two 1.5mt lengths of ribbon pinned to the legging to keep them up and a second pin through the bow to keep it in all day. The ears are not made by me they were a gift from someone to my other daughter a while ago. I did have to do a bit of hand sewing on them at the back as they had flopped forward after years of use. A few small stitches in the middle has them standing up nicely. She had a great day for book week at school.

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