Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I HAVE A Janome 744D so exciting.

I am really enjoying sewing with my overlocker it makes such a difference to the finish of clothing. I saved up and my Mum gave me some Birthday money. Then for christmas she gave me lots of colours of thread to use and something to keep them in. I also used some other Birthday and Christmas money to buy my first set of pinking shears.

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  1. I have a serger too but is too small even if it is 5 treads, I always have trouble putting the treatds in the needle, my machine is chinese so it is not very good, I have spend too much money in the mechanic I guess I have bought a good one with all the money I have spent. My normal machine is a janome too.
    When my serger works perfectly I am very happy sewing everything with it....when not I suffer with it! =)