Saturday, November 27, 2010

Twinkle Sews - Age of Innocence

So I don't like this. The pattern was rated easy and it was. But I had make design changes. At the bottom where your hips are Wenlan has you gather the lace on the outside the attach it gathered to the lining then insert elastic into the seam allowance where the gathering is RESULTING in massive baggy and puffy poufs ON YOUR HIPS. When I realised this I took the top apart at the hips removed the elastic and removed the gathering from the lace. I then sewed the lace to be the same size as the lining at the side and re-attached it. I then added elastic to the seam allowance using it as a casing as Wenlan suggest but all the way around to distribute the gathering. The back yoke is long and once again you are asked to put elastic in the seam
allowance. This makes the back fit your body but causes the top of the yoke to flop out as its longer and not gathered so your bra is exposed then when I pinned the lace to it as its top stitched on as the last step it just hangs right down. So I took it in with my overlocker before attaching the lace over the top. This photo shows how much I cut out. Its a lot as the lace goes over the top you don't see this at all from the outside. This also meant I had to make to two extra pleats to match the lace up to the lining. All this work for a top that I don't really like now its done.The photos in the book show you a flat picture of the whole top but the bagginess is not obvious  in this picture and when they show it on the model you don't see her hips.

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