Monday, November 1, 2010

Simplicity 2364 view A

I really like this top I have sewn it three times now. The first above is mine. I used a remnant of velvet with multi coloured sequins on it and a cream double knit. It looked terrible when I tried it on I was disappointed until I worked out that the shrug part was too loose on me. I pull it up at the back of the neck and it made all the difference. It would have been to difficult to undo it so I pinned it and sewed it at the join at the back of the neck. I also grabbed the pattern piece and measured my adjustment and altered my pattern. This means the the centre back seam is now on an angle not straight. I know I could have taken it out from under the arm but I wasn't confident I would get it right. The velvet fabric has almost no stretch so I am lucky I can get it on and off!
My Mum loved it and
here she is wearing one
of the two I made for her.
I am wearing the other
one (Yes we are almost
the same size). I don't
have a tripod and half
cut my head off. Then
cropped the rest off as
it looked silly. The illustrations of how to attach the shrug could be better but its not that hard. I just pinned then turned it out the right way to make sure. I have made Simplicity 2364 view E,D and F combination. I only need to make this in view B then I am done view C is the suggestion of a combination of fabric. I don't think I would make this in one colour I like it to much with a combination.


  1. Very cute tops! and Mum too! :)

  2. Do you have a video for how you assembled the front to the back and the placement of the yoke? I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to put this piece together.