Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Angelina Ballerina

This is my Angelina Ballerina costume I made for my Daughter. I shirred the top using the elastic in the bobbin I doubled her waist measurement but probably needed to triple it as I had to make more shirred fabric as double her waist left me short about 6". For the straps I just made a tube 2" wide and pinned them to the top while she had it on then sewed them in place. The fabric is some old parachute material mum gave me from back when parachute tracksuits were in fashion. The skirt is two layers of soft netting with glitter. Full circles skirt gathered separately and sewn to the top separately. The third layer underneath is an organza also a full circle just a tad longer and a rolled hem on the overlocker. I used a tutorial from YouTube to make the satin ribbon rose and hand sewed it on last. Made the white top, leggings and tail. Pink ribbon for the legs is two 1.5mt lengths of ribbon pinned to the legging to keep them up and a second pin through the bow to keep it in all day. The ears are not made by me they were a gift from someone to my other daughter a while ago. I did have to do a bit of hand sewing on them at the back as they had flopped forward after years of use. A few small stitches in the middle has them standing up nicely. She had a great day for book week at school.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simplicity 2285 view A

 This Jacket was a breeze to sew up everything went together as it was meant to and I think it looks a lot like the picture from the pattern envelope (pictured left). I used the size 10. My fabric was from Spotlight and they called it suiting its light cool and woven with black and white which in the photos give it a grey look. It wont be really warm but it is the kind of fabric that doesn't breath. Photos are by my 5 y/o she is getting better. I think this would look good in a light colour too so I may do that. This pattern also comes with a cape the has the same look to the front. So if I find a nice fabric I will make that too.

I HAVE A Janome 744D so exciting.

I am really enjoying sewing with my overlocker it makes such a difference to the finish of clothing. I saved up and my Mum gave me some Birthday money. Then for christmas she gave me lots of colours of thread to use and something to keep them in. I also used some other Birthday and Christmas money to buy my first set of pinking shears.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Twinkle Sews - Age of Innocence

So I don't like this. The pattern was rated easy and it was. But I had make design changes. At the bottom where your hips are Wenlan has you gather the lace on the outside the attach it gathered to the lining then insert elastic into the seam allowance where the gathering is RESULTING in massive baggy and puffy poufs ON YOUR HIPS. When I realised this I took the top apart at the hips removed the elastic and removed the gathering from the lace. I then sewed the lace to be the same size as the lining at the side and re-attached it. I then added elastic to the seam allowance using it as a casing as Wenlan suggest but all the way around to distribute the gathering. The back yoke is long and once again you are asked to put elastic in the seam
allowance. This makes the back fit your body but causes the top of the yoke to flop out as its longer and not gathered so your bra is exposed then when I pinned the lace to it as its top stitched on as the last step it just hangs right down. So I took it in with my overlocker before attaching the lace over the top. This photo shows how much I cut out. Its a lot as the lace goes over the top you don't see this at all from the outside. This also meant I had to make to two extra pleats to match the lace up to the lining. All this work for a top that I don't really like now its done.The photos in the book show you a flat picture of the whole top but the bagginess is not obvious  in this picture and when they show it on the model you don't see her hips.

Christmas advent calendar finished

I finished this a while ago. I am really happy with it. Its not perfect I am not a quilter. I think it looks good and it will last us lots of year's. There is no hand sewing at all on this I used the sewing machine for all of it.
 I just stitched in the ditch to sew the binding down to the back of it. I used a gold silky by Gutermann on all the quilted detail and also to stitch in the ditch that way all you see if you notice the thread is a little sparkle. I used to do cross stitch and I had the red, green and gold sparkly embroidery thread. I hand sewed this I just kept looping it past the centre then when I was finished I cut all the loops so it looked like a pompom. I used these colours as the picture used identical colours underneath I just gave it a 3D effect. I may add other little thing here and there if I feel inspired. I have thought of a bell for the little raindear and beads on the christmas trees. 

Twinkle Sews - Skyline Skirt

I love this skirt. Easy to sew but it is rated intermediate and it would be easier if the book had told me that I had to cut the fabric on the flat or I would end up with two half skirts with the points going in different directions by cutting with the fabric folded as you do for most patterns. All other patterns in this book are full patterns so not cut on the fold but when you have so many small pieces you think it makes sense to fold and cut. I noticed before sewing so only my cutting time was waisted. I used the size 4 as the instruction say to add 2" of ease. This meant that I had to take the skirt in by 3" across all seams to keep it looking right. I now realise that the skirt sits lower than my waist so I could have taken more out but its too late now. I used black and white thread as I didn't want it to show through so I re-threaded my machine a few times to make this skirt. I also only lined the skirt to the highest point of the white so more like a facing than a lining this worked well.

I used my first invisible zip with the invisible zip foot. Its okay but I think I can do better.
 I used catch stitch on the hem as I have seen it used in other people's sewing. It worked really well it is a fast stitch to sew.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Belt by Cassie Stephens

Cassie Stephens has a lovely Esty shop full of these fabulous belts. I loved this one and it arrived today. Cassie makes the buckle and the belt and the fabric is mostly vintage.

You can have your belt made to the length you want. I didn't know how long to have mine so I sent Cassie a message telling her my waist and hip measurements and she suggested a length she thought would suit and its perfect.