Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cross Stitch

I started this about 7 years ago and finished it about a year or so ago. Its now been hanging up for a week. I would pick this up and do lots of work on it and then leave it for ages, if I had worked on this consistently it would be done a lot quicker. I did birth samplers for my nieces and nephews (all 5 of them) and always had them finished and waiting for the birth so I could add the names and dates. This is the only cross stitch I have made for myself. I did originally pick a spot for this to hang. Then we sold that house, move 3hrs away rented for a while and brought a house that it wouldn't suit. Sold that and brought our current house (which I love). I think it will be easier to pick projects to start and complete living in this house.

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